I was born in New York, and lived in France until the
age of 5, French being my first language. Due to this
early exposure to different cultures, I acquired a
taste for traveling and have made a point of exploring
the world. This has had a huge impact on me as a
person, in my day to day relations, and as an artist.
I have had art in my blood from day one and was
therefore very active in art classes growing up.
During high school I discovered a passion for
photography, the strength of images
captured in time, and the manipulation of such
images. Thus leading to my fascination with film
and subsequent education in the subject. I graduated
from NYU’s Tisch school of the arts with a degree in
filmmaking in May 2002 and moved to L.A the following
fall. My time in L,A. has been spent primarily in post-
production and motion graphics working as an assistant
editor, editor, director, creative director, dvd author, and producer.
As of January 2012, I have moved to Austin, TX.

Please contact me at agathe@agathefay.com